Kampyle’s Google Analytics Integration: It Gets Better….
August 19, 2009
It wasn’t long ago since Kampyle has released its Google Analytics Integration service. The new feature, which uses Google’s API, combines the data from Google Analytics and Kampyle and displays it one, convenient display, while using business logic to create tremendous added value. The new Google analytics Integration service has been up for weeks and we received some great feedback – our customers love it! But our experience with feedback is such that we know that there is always room for improvement. That’s why Kampyle has already added some new functionalities to the service that make it even easier to understand WHAT your users are doing on your site (using Google Analytics data) and WHY they do it (using Kampyle’s Feedback Analytics data). Here are some of the latest additions to the Google Analytics Integration feature in Kampyle… Alerts: let the information come to you! Kampyle-Google Analytics Integration-Alerts Kampyle’s alerts are notifications based on data originating from Google Analytics and Kampyle. The alerts were especially conceived by Kampyle to highlight potentially important information. Kampyle’s alerts can save you valuable time by bringing issues to your attention early, and in a clear, user friendly way. The Alerts page in the Google Analytics section allows you to view all alerts received so far, with the ability to drill down to the addition, you’ll be able to assess the impact of each reported level of individual feedback items to which each alert refers. In event by comparing it to the Visitors and Feedback Timeline chart, which shows the amount of visitors and feedback items received on your site over time. Geographic Distribution: optimize your site and products for international users! The Geographic Distribution page displays important information by combining geographic user data from Google Analytics with geographic feedback data from Kampyle. The page contains 3 charts: Feedback Conversion by Country, Geographic Distribution Details and Geographic Users Analysis. image - Feedback Conversion by Country: This map chart highlights the relation between the number of visitors on site and the amount of feedback submitted (feedback conversion). Areas in which the highest percentage of visitors submitted feedback (high conversion) are marked in darker colors, and vice-versa. Using this map chart, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint issues of a regional nature (e.g. related to languages or localized browser settings) by checking why users from a certain country are submitting large amounts of feedback. - Geographic Distribution Details: using this table, you can drill down and investigate further into the possible issues raised in the Feedback Conversion by Country map chart, and learn what users from each countries do on your website, as well as why they do it. The table lists all of your site visitors’ countries, alongside relevant information from Google Analytics (visits and bounce rate) and Kampyle (average grade, number of feedback items, most reported feedback). You can also view feedback items submitted by users in each country by clicking on the “Show Details” link to the right of each country row. - Geographic Users Analysis: On this chart, countries are not highlighted, but positioned in relation to other countries and their amount of visitors and feedback items. By incorporating geographic user data from Google Analytics with user data from Kampyle, this chart provides a quick characterization of the activity of users from each country on your site. Through this comparative chart, you can get a more interpreted version of the data. For instance: countries from which your site has received many visitors as well as a lot of feedback will be found in the “high market relevance” quadrant. Countries from which your site has received less visitors, but large amounts of feedback will be found in the “high involvement” quadrant. Visitor Loyalty: Learn what to do to keep loyal users and win new ones! The Visitor Loyalty page provides information about site users at different “loyalty” levels. This is done by displaying the user loyalty information from Google Analytics (the number of times users have returned to Kampyle-Google Analytics Integration-Visitor-Loyalty the site), and combining it with feedback information about each group of users. For instance, in this section you can find out which was the most reported feedback among first time users, and compare it to the feedback provided by user who have returned multiple time to the site. The Visitor Loyalty page features the Feedback by Visitor Loyalty chart which displays the distribution of reported feedback items between New and Returning users, as well as which feedback categories were reported by each. In the Visitor Loyalty Details table below, you can drill down each loyalty group and find insights into the feedback submitted by users in each group. The table lists valuable information from Google Analytics (Visits Count and Total visits) and Kampyle (average feedback grade, number of feedback items, most reported feedback), and also allows you to drill down to the level of individual feedback items. Top Landing / Exit Pages: learn what people say about your Exit and Landing Pages! these 2 new pages (Top Exit Pages, and Top Landing Pages) use Google Analytics’ data about a site’s top exit and landing pages, combined with Kampyle feedback data to provide insights into these pages’ performance. With the feedback that characterizes your website's top landing and exit pages, and a better understanding of your users’ behavior, you will be able to greatly enhance these pages’ performance. The data is displayed in 2 parts. The Entrances/Exits and Feedback Timeline chart uses Google Analytics data to display the number of entrances or exits to or from the site, and the amount of feedback received on these pages is displayed alongside it. Below the chart, the Top Entrances/Exit Pages Details tables list more information on each page, and allow you to drill down to the level of individual feedback items submitted on these pages. Kampyle-Google Analytics Integration-Top-Landing-Pages Kampyle-Google Analytics Integration-Top-Exit-Pages There are more integration features with Google that we will be rolling out in the very near future, on top of the exciting features that we have already released. We will make sure to provide more detailed information about other integration services and new features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates!